Shrimad Bhagwad Gita – 17/20

[A charity which is made, to one from whom no return is expected, with the feeling, that it is one’s duty to give, and which is given at a proper place and time and to a worthy person, that charity is held to be Sattvika (good).]

supatradanacca bhaveddhanadhyo dhanaprabhavena karoti punyam,
punyaprabhavat suralokavasi punardhanadhyah punareva bhogi ।
kupatradanacca bhaveddaridro daridyadoshena karoti papam;
papaprabhavennarakam prayati punardaridrah punareva papi 

(By making charity to a worthy person, donor becomes richer and does the virtuous deed. By the result, he goes to heaven and again becomes rich and enjoys fortune. In addition, by making charity to unworthy person, donor becomes poorer and commits the sin. By the result, he goes to hell and again becomes poor and suffers with misfortune.)

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